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Are you STRUGGLING with what to feed your baby next? Are you interested in making your own homemade baby food? Do you have a picky eater? Book a 1-on-1 call with Shay. I created these 1-on-1 calls for us TOGETHTER work through a proper meal plan or guide to get your baby or toddler on the right path of healthy eating early. I look forward to sharing my knowledge about infant and toddler healthy eating from over the years with you.  

What Will You Learn?

Throughout my years as a mother and baby food educator, I have found that while starting solids is a major milestone for your baby, the VERY limited resources available can leave busy moms with a lack of clarity  and guidance on how to set your baby up for success.

In our 1-on-1 time, I will give you unbiased, step-by-step guidance on how to approach preparing healthy homemade baby and toddler meals in a safe and reassuring way. 

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1-1 Details 

What to Expect From Our Call


Customized Meal Planning 

After our call you will get delivered to your inbox a personalized meal plan for your child. This includes breakfast, lunch, two snack options AND a grocery list.


Child Food Education

Information surrounding food allergies, Vitamins found in certain foods, different stages of baby food, when to start solids and much much more!

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Relatability & Understanding 

No need to continue to struggle when it comes to meal time preparation. You will gain clarity on what types of food you should offer for optimal growth. 


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Are you still worrying about whether or not your baby is ready for solid? Or you cannot find the ideal answer for some questions in your mind surrounding healthy baby food options?  I am here to help!

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